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Controlling authority

Who has controlling authority of the place or memorial e.g. City Council

What is the council reference number for the street or memorial location

What is the telephone number, email address and any social media contact information that can be used to contact the council or owner of the Poppy Place

About the location

This is the map reference of the street and details such as the length of the street, adjoining streets and any significant detail such as it is the main street of the city, contains the local memorial etc.


Is there a file reference to the naming of the street? When was it named? Why was it named?

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Story details

This section is important in that it further verifies the street and identifies why the street was so named. For example, a street could be named after a military person of note who came from the locality or the street could be a battle that local people were involved in.

Please note: this field is limited to 300 characters.

In this section the narrative is written. There is no specific amount of detail as it will solely depend on what the individual did, what the campaign or battle involved or if it was named after a piece of military equipment, the details could be very involved. For example, there is a wealth of information on Oxford Crescent in Upper Hutt which is named after the Airspeed Oxford Bomber of WW2.


Please include any photographs, diagrams, maps or charts below.

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In this section the commemoration is recorded. There is no specific amount of detail as it will solely depend on what the controlling authority and the community group wish to conduct. There will more than likely be newspaper articles, possibly TV coverage and social media coverage that may be included in the final submission.

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We need to be able to verify certain facts within the story so it is important that references are included to cover the story and any attachments.


Include all people who have contributed to the submission.



Your email address and/or telephone number is desirable so the Trust can ask questions and check details.


A community group or individual may wish to sponsor a sign, street or more.

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